Company Profile

Company Name FITEC Corporation
Established July 1, 1987
Paid-in capital ¥70 million
Representative Yasuyuki Takahashi, President & CEO
Number of employees 305 (as of March, 2022)
Products and Services
  • (1) Solutions
    Accounting, human resources, sales and other business systems/EDI, PDM, SCM, production control, and distribution control systems/firewall and application server design and construction/network and security infrastructure design and construction/IAM solutions/optical monitoring systems/power line monitoring systems/FA systems/CATV design and support systems/optical fiber monitoring systems/telecommunications equipment sales
  • (2) Services
    CAD/simulation/numerical analysis technologies/systems application management and outsourcing/groupware application management/sales of a variety of OA equipment, including PCs/ASP services/content services/network and security infrastructure operation and maintenance
  • (3) System products
    Sales of own-brand software products, image analysis, map data systems
Licenses, etc. Telecommunications business license, general construction (telecommunications construction) license
Net sales ¥8.42 billion (FY2022)
Offices Head Office: Tokyo (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Nikko (Nikko, Tochigi), Oyama (Oyama, Tochigi), Chiba (Ichihara, Chiba), Hiratsuka (Hiratsuka, Kanagawa), Mie (Kameyama, Mie), Fukui (Sakai, Fukui), and (Osaka, Osaka)
Shareholder Fujitsu Limited (51%), Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. (49%)


Members of the Board

President & CEO Yasuyuki Takahashi CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Executive Vice President Satoshi Tanaka CSO (Chief Strategy Officer);
CSRO (Chief Social Responsibility Officer);
General Manager, Strategy Planning Division;
General Manager, Administration Division
Senior Managing Director Kouji Morita CQO (Chief Quality Officer)
Managing Director Kenichi Izawa General Manager, Business Solution Division
Director (part-time) Shinji Takemoto  
Director (part-time) Shin Takahashi  
Director (part-time) Takahiko Nagata  
Auditor (part-time) Junji Yamabe  
Auditor (part-time) Hideyo Hiramatsu