Offshore Bases

We offer a variety of benefits through tie-ins with top-level bases in China.

FITEC collaborates with Inspur Group, which boasts more than 10,000 employees and has the greatest offshore development capacity in China. The Inspur Group has high-level technical capability that enables it to handle both hardware and software development. The Inspur Group has also contracted with the world’s leading ICT companies, and supports the latest technologies. Inspur Group is highly regarded by companies the world over for its excellence in technology and quality.

Company name Inspur Group
Chairman and CEO Sun Pishu
Established 1945
Capital CN¥ 410,609,300
Listed companies Inspur Data, Inspur Software, Inspur International
No. of employees 11,819
Sales Revenue CN¥40.1 billion

Outlook picture of Inspur Group

Benefit1Strong Cost Performance

The Inspur Group spurs awesome improvement in business efficiency (cost reduction) by monitoring market changes and needs and constantly analyzing and improving systems development. By partnering with the world’s leading companies it continuously acquires the latest technologies. This enables the Inspur Group to optimize client strengths by greatly reducing systems development time, lessening the management burden, and cutting TCO.

Benefit2High Quality & Reduced Development Time

The Inspur Group maintains a workforce of many thousands of employees proficient in technologies and languages, so as to offer high-quality services and solutions to clients around the world. By offering offshore development in the client’s own language, Inspur Group realizes smooth, high-quality communication.
Inspur Group strives for quality improvement and stabilization by standardizing work procedure controls based on its quality principle of “5X Work Standardization.” At the same time, it has acquired CMMI5 certification as well as ISO9001 Quality Assurance System certification, enabling the provision of globally top-class services.

Benefit3Thorough Security

The Inspur Group has also constructed a strict safety control system for data security. Inspur Group developers have a thoroughly ingrained quality consciousness and sense of their duty of confidentiality, and do their utmost to prevent data leaks and assure quality. Inspur Group continues to engage in serious, multifaceted data safety control, including the strengthening of staff training and the deliberation of security policy rules.

Inspur Group History


As of August 2012

November 2005 Concludes strategic partnership agreement with NTT DATA
August 2005 Microsoft invests US$25 million in Inspur Group, supports offshoring business Microsoft Logo
July 2005 Joins with Microsoft to establish the first Inspur Group-Microsoft Offshore Outsourcing Center (DOC) in Beijing Microsoft Logo
December 2004 Concludes main supplier agreement with IBM IBM Logo
November 2004 Concludes strategic partnership agreement with NEC NEC Logo
November 2004 Concludes strategic cooperation agreement with Microsoft Microsoft Logo
October 2004 Concludes strategic partnership agreement with Oracle ORACLE Logo
April 2004 Acquires CMM3 certification  
February 2004 Concludes strategic partnership agreement with Hitachi HITACHI Logo
September 2003 Concludes strategic partnership agreement with EDS  
July 2003 Concludes strategic partnership agreement with FITEC FITEC Logo
February 2002 Tie-in with Ericsson Erisccon Logo
February 2002 Tie-in with LG LG Logo

Main business partners


Inspur Group has established partnership business with clients as its main business strategy, and has concluded outsourcing partnership agreements with global corporations in Europe, North America and Asia. The company seeks to improve its own technical capabilities, quality strength, and development ability while contributing to the success and growth of its clients’ business.

Logos of main business partmers